About BioVox

BioVox is the brainchild of Ann Van Gysel, founder of Turnstone Communications. A long-time member of the Belgian life sciences ecosystem, Ann had noticed that a lot of local innovation and research was flying under the radar. So, she established BioVox!

So much more than a just a news platform, BioVox is a community: a growing global network that spans industry, academia and finance. With our local focus and global reach, we bring to light hidden opportunities and insights into the Belgian life sciences.

BioVox Community Infographic 2022 - horizonal

BioVox is able to provide free, quality content because of the generous support of Turnstone Communications and its clients, as well as sponsored articles from other organizations and companies. BioVox has a synergistic partnership with our sponsors, while maintaining editorial independence. Sponsored articles are clearly labeled, with the articles of our most dedicated supporters collected on individual showcase pages.

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About Turnstone Communications

The driving force behind BioVox, Turnstone Communications is an established consultancy agency based in Belgium. For 10 years, we have provided communications, marketing, event planning and strategic support for companies and organizations in the life sciences industry in Belgium and beyond.

Our team members have a background in life sciences research and know the challenge of turning innovation into excitement. We help startups, research institutes and pharmaceutical companies translate their work into an effective message that resonate with clients, partners and investors alike.

A percentage of each of our contracts automatically goes towards supporting BioVox financially. This means that, by utilizing Turnstone’s services, all our clients are contributing to the cohesiveness and recognition of the Belgian life sciences on the global stage. Our clients also gain the opportunity to access this international community of academics, investors and industry leaders, in the form of sponsored articles, press releases or event promotions included in the BioVox newsletter. By establishing a long-term contract, you could even secure your own company showcase page on the BioVox website, bringing added visibility to your organization!

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