MedTech Flanders becomes part of MEDVIA, Flanders’ healthtech spearhead cluster

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Ghent, Belgium, 13 December 2022 – MEDVIA was founded in 2021 as Flanders’ spearhead cluster focused on health technologies. It is an industry-driven, public-private partnership that initiates and supports innovation in biotechnology, medtech and digital medicine through direct funding and specialized services, in co-operation with the Flemish department of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO). In a special meeting of the General Assembly, MedTech Flanders decided to transfer its activities to MEDVIA.

Since 2015, MedTech Flanders has served as an umbrella organization for companies working in medical technology in Flanders. It was founded by a consortium of medtech stakeholders to represent the interests of companies involved in innovative medical technologies. MedTech Flanders has seen a sharp increase in membership since then and was one of the organizations involved in the foundation of flanders.healthtech, now known as MEDVIA.

MEDVIA previously incorporated the services of digital medicine umbrella organization DSP Valley, welcoming its members into MEDVIA. It is now doing the same for the medtech sector, fulfilling the request of VLAIO to consolidate the healthtech sector in the spearhead cluster MEDVIA.

Karin Scheerlinck, chair of the board of MedTech Flanders: “We are very satisfied and proud of the work that MedTech Flanders has done to give the medtech sector in Flanders a voice and put them on the agenda in the Flemish government. By unifying with MEDVIA, our activities will be better supported with more resources, and the interests of medtech companies will be strongly represented in the spearhead cluster.”

Ann Van Gysel, CEO MEDVIA: “Companies active in health technologies are facing many challenges. We will actively represent these members and work to provide them with all of the services available our organization. This means access to international markets and to financing. MEDVIA also offers them a forum to create partnerships with patients and hospitals and to connect with our other members from the biotech, biopharma and digital medicine sectors.”

Mark Andries, administrator-general of VLAIO emphasizes the crucial role filled by MEDVIA: ‘As one of Flanders’ seven spearhead clusters, Medvia is a key player in the region’s innovation landscape. It consolidates the innovation capacities of the healthcare sector, helping to strengten the Flemish economy. It is crucial that sectors strengthen their ties and share their expertise and know-how in order to establish and improve cross-fertilization within their disciplines. The incorpation of MedTech Flanders is thus an important step forward.’