36 million euros for neurostimulation of spinal cord

April 26, 2016 News BioVox

The Swiss-Dutch company G-therapeutics, a spin-off from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), has announced that it received €36 million to develop and bring a realistic therapeutic solution for patients with spinal cord injuries. Following very successful preclinical results, G-therapeutics will create a unique, implantable neuro-stimulation system for electrical stimulation of the spinal cord. Based on previous neuroscience research by Prof. Courtine (EPLF), this system allows to transmit electrical impulses to the right nerves at the right time, which coupled with intensive physical training will restore voluntary control over paralyzed limbs. The therapeutic solution is intended for patients with partial spinal cord injury, such as those due to physical trauma, infections, insufficient blood flow, or pressure from a tumor.

This exciting and highly promising technology is funded by LSP, INKEF Capital, Gimv and Wellington Partners (€26 million). The RvO, part of the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs will support G-therapeutics with a €10 million deferred, risk-bearing ‘innovation loan’. The regulatory and clinical studies will take place in EPFL and the academic hospital of Lousanne, whereas the management of G-therapeutics will be at the High Tech Campus in the Netherlands.

Patrick Van Beneden, Partner Gimv Health & Care, remarks: “We believe G-Therapeutics is one of the most promising companies in the emerging field of neurostimulation.”

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