$41 Million raised for a biotech start-up by founders without biotech background

January 6, 2017 News BioVox

The San Francisco-based biotech start-up Synthego was founded by 2 engineers who previously worked at SpaceX, the private rocket company founded by Elon Musk. They won support from investors and Dr Jennifer Doudna, one of the leading researchers in the ‘CRISPR-revolution’. Other investors include Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang and 8VC investors.

The new financing round is meant to help Synthego expand its suite of products, focusing on helping scientists in their CRISPR research by providing important genetic material used in the process.
“Our goal is simple: let’s make it as easy to do biotech research as it is to program a computer,” one of the founders explains to the NYTimes. Investors are impressed: “Synthego will be providing the biotech industry with innovative solutions that make world-class research tools accessible to all scientists” confirms 8VC investors.

More at www.synthego.com and www.nytimes.com


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