Ablynx independently develops and markets TTP drug

August 31, 2015 News BioVox

Ablynx has decided to fully self-develop caplacizumab, a potential drug to treat the rare blood disease TTP.

Ablynx decided to develop the nanobody caplacizumab on his own and to commercialize it without a partner. Edwin Moses, CEO of Ablynx, thinks that the value of the drug will be maximized most if the company itself remains 100 percent owner of the drug in the US and Europe.

Caplacizumab today is the best possible treatment for the rare blood disease TTP. Ablynx will soon launch its Phase 3 study, in which the operation and dosing are tested on a larger group of patients. Because it is a rare disease, the study group will inevitably be rather small, which will reduce the costs. Also, the commercialization of such a drug is manageable for a company like Ablynx, since treatment is only available in a limited number of specialized centers.

Early in 2017, Ablynx will apply for conditional approval in Europe. The drug can then reach the market in 2018.

Read more about Ablynx and the drug TTP in our interview with Johan Heylen, CCO of Ablynx. 

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