Ablynx quickly delivers on Novo Nordisk collaboration

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Almost exactly one year after Ablynx announced its collaboration with Novo Nordisk, their research project for the Danish pharma giant has reached a discovery milestone. Ablynx is developing a multi-specific Nanobody construct for Novo, a drug that can bind multiple relevant disease targets in a single molecule. This first milestone triggers a €1 million payment to the Nanobody developer.

Dr Edwin Moses, CEO of Ablynx, commented: “Our proprietary Nanobody technology platform is ideally suited to develop multi-specific Nanobody candidates that address multiple targets in a single drug molecule. The achievement of our first milestone just one year after we entered into the collaboration with Novo Nordisk is an endorsement of the power of our platform to rapidly generate novel, potent drug candidates against disease targets which are difficult to address with other technologies. We are looking forward to further advancing the programme and the Nanobody potentially progressing towards clinical studies in 2018.”

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