Afraid you might have an STD? Test it with DirectLab!

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Saltro (Utrecht, NL) launched DirectLab, a webshop where anyone can buy lab tests online and anonymously. The first test available is a chlamydia test. With Saltro DirectLab, you are no longer dependent on dubious online self-testing and you can finally do a reliable test yourself at a certified laboratory.

The tests that are provided by DirectLab are the same diagnostic tests that general practitioners use. DirectLab was developed in collaboration with physicians, consumers, medical microbiologists and the GGD.

The online availability of such tests is a first step in improving STD care. A reliable chlamydia-test that is easily available and which can be performed anonymously, improves the access to medical care. Saltro’s DirectLab responds to the increasing demand of society to have self-control over its health. 

In the future, Saltro plans to add more tests to DirectLab for self-diagnosis.