Belgium has all the ingredients to be a top country for data science in health – but we have to act now!

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Science for health 2021 banner

  • Science for health will connect decisionmakers with researchers, clinicians, and company leaders on the topic of data science in healthcare
  • The event is organized by in collaboration with strategic partners KU Leuven, UGent, VIB, imec, BioWin, Janssen Pharmaceutica, and media partner BioVox
  • This year, Science for health will take place on 19 November 2021 at SQUARE Brussels and online

Brussels, Belgium, 15 November 2021 – Science for health is an event creating research connections between decisionmakers, academics, clinicians and company leaders on vital topics in the Belgian life sciences ecosystem. This year, on 19 November, the event will focus on data science and personalized health. The goal is to join forces and forge a path forward for Belgium, since the country risks falling behind others regarding the use of data science to improve healthcare.

Enormous amounts of health data are being created every minute, and we are rapidly getting better at turning bytes into insights. By applying AI tools – such as machine learning, natural language processing and advanced analytics – to health data, we can gain research insights that in turn can be used to create novel and innovative treatments, diagnostics, and improve healthcare for all. Data can be used to save lives, and we should value data science as we value everything else related to healthcare.

Nonetheless, Belgium is falling behind global progress on data science in health. Many European neighbors – such as The Netherlands, The UK, Germany, France, and Finland – have already invested billions in real-world data initiatives, and implemented regulations for the safe and ethical use of health data. While other countries are unlocking treasure troves of health data for research insights, Belgium has yet to initiate its own investments, governance and legislation.

Dirk Reyn, Chairman of the Board of Directors, says: “To remain a leading Life science cluster and develop healthcare solutions that have a meaningful impact on patients, we urgently need to develop a more coordinated strategy in Belgium for data science and bring biotech, ICT and diagnostics closer together. This will lead to more personalized healthcare and further improvement of general health , lower healthcare costs, and will keep our companies competitive in a rapidly changing environment.”

Belgium has all the right ingredients in place to be one of the top countries in Europe for use and re-use of real-world data. All stakeholders, including hospitals, academia, research institutes, companies, and government, need to work together to make this happen. The government can facilitate collaboration in the multi-stakeholder ecosystem and create a roadmap for the coming years, while different stakeholder groups can contribute by participating in the discussion and taking the initiative to implement change in their organizations. Together, we can keep Belgium on the map for real-world evidence studies, clinical trials, and healthcare!

Attend the event on 19 November, at SQUARE Brussels or online, to be inspired by international keynote speakers and connect with decisionmakers, researchers, clinicians, executives, and business developers from academia, research institutes, hospitals, and companies around this vital topic. Data science has an enormous transformational potential in health: for all everyone’s sake, Belgium must embrace it!

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