Better decision making with VIGOR

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The VIGOR Unit, a new spin-off of the University of Ghent, will help business leaders and policy makers take effective decisions on the basis of scientific insights and data. The focus of the founders, behavioral scientists Cédric Velghe and prof. Frederick Anseel, is on people management. Their advice relies on existing scientific data and their own tailored field research. In addition, they have developed new management tools, including psychological tests and apps.

Make data easy to interpret
Too much information and too little time often prevents managers from collecting in-depth knowledge before making important decisions. Moreover, the reliability of available information varies widely, or can be very technical. The VIGOR Unit specializes in quickly and systematically analyzing scientific publications and data.

Do what works
With its evidence-based consultancy, the VIGOR Unit wants to help businesses and governments to identify the best solutions. Understanding what works and what does not, halts senseless investments. Well-documented decisions can help to inform and convince stakeholders.

Objective assessment
The VIGOR Unit feels that sound advice alone is not enough. Managers are looking for a tool to map the innovation potential of their workforce. They want an objective test, not a self-assessment form. The VIGOR Unit responds to the upcoming evidence-based approach, as we know it in medicine. “Managers too often rely on their gut feeling, management hypes, myths or gurus. The VIGOR Unit wants to point them to what really works,” says Prof. Anseel.

(Source: UGent)