and the Belgian Biosafety Professionals join forces for safe working conditions

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Ensuring safe working conditions for all employees in the biotech industry in Belgium, is the joint ambition of, the federation of Belgian life sciences companies, and the Belgian Biosafety Professionals (BBP), the professional association of experts in biosafety. Both organizations signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate more closely on safety aspects in biotechnology, for employees in both R&D and production.

The cooperation between and BBP will focus on two areas. Sharing relevant information on the latest developments in biotechnology and organizing joint activities and workshops for professionals in the sector. In this way, both organizations want to be a reference interaction partner for important evolutions in the legislation with a potential impact on working conditions.

“Although our two organizations clearly play a different role, they share a common interest: the further professionalization of safe working with biological materials. In biotechnology, respect for people and the environment is at the top of the agenda. The health of R&D and production employees is paramount to enable innovation in a responsible way”, said Frédéric Druck and Tineke Van hooland, secretary general and chairperson of

“This cooperation must further expand and strengthen Belgian expertise in the field of biosafety. With a structured dialogue, we want to promote good work practices with additional attention to risk assessments, industrial hygiene and optimal (bio)safety equipment. Working with microorganisms, bacterial pathogens and other living cell material requires an adequate setting”, said Secretary Karen van der Meulen and chairperson Delphine Beeckman of BBP.