Biocartis CEO steps down, company announces strong 2016 results

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In a press release stating strong annual results for the cancer diagnostic producer, Biocartis also announced a change in its top management position. Its current CEO, Rudi Pauwels, has expressed his preference to focus on the longer term strategy of Biocartis, including a pathway towards a Next-Generation Sequencing based product offering. Pauwels will act as chairman of a new strategy committee of the Board. Hilde Windels, currently Deputy CEO, will assume the role of CEO until a successor is on board.

According to the numbers, Biocartis is in excellent shape. While hoping to install 175 new Idylla instruments in 2016, the company was easily able to beat its goal, installing 224 new consoles. Biocartis also sold 7.5 times more diagnostic cartridges compared to the preceding year.

In the meantime the company keeps on releasing new diagnostic cartridges. Biocartis announced the launch of its third liquid biopsy test, the ctNRAS-BRAF-EGFR S492R Mutation Assay (RUO) for metastatic colorectal cancer, developed in collaboration with Merck. The company now has a total of 9 diagnostic tests for its Idylla platform on the market.

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