Biocartis takes on lung cancer

June 21, 2016 News BioVox

Biocartis ups its arsenal once again. This time, the company behind the diagnostic Idylla™ platform adds a lung cancer assay to its ever growing menu of diagnostic tests.

Lung cancer comprises 13% of all cancers. The vast majority of these are known as non-small cell lung cancers, many with mutations in the gene encoding the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR). Biocartis’ newly launched Idylla™ EGFR Mutation Assay detects up to 53 EGFR mutations in only 150 minutes with 2 minutes of hands-on time. Comparable analyses suffer from a cumbersome workflow which can take several weeks.

With the EGFR Mutation Assay, Biocartis brings its 7th cartridge for the Idylla™ platform to the market. The 5 assays relevant in oncology now cover most of the known and frequently used biomarkers in cancer research and care.

Geert Maertens, Chief Scientific Officer of Biocartis, commented: “Our EGFR Mutation Assay truly is a unique test from various perspectives. Being by far the easiest and fastest test for EGFR mutations available, it detects a broader range of mutations compared to standard tests and only requires a small amount of sample. We see great potential in Europe as well as in Asia where EGFR mutations in NSCLC occur in up to 50% of patients. It is also a great solution both for large reference centers where this new assay is able to complement current workflows in a versatile, fast and cost-effective way, as well as for countries or regions where local accessibility to high precision EGFR testing is limited, or even non-existing. As such, we are convinced this assay will further boost the growth of our installed base of Idylla™ instruments across the globe.”

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