BMS and Oncodesign enter into partnership: new drug candidates ahead!

January 5, 2016 News BioVox

Today, Oncodesign announced a new strategic collaboration, the largest of the company to date. The French drug developer will provide its services to pharma titan Bristol-Myers Squibb in the search for novel small macrocycle drugs.

Using their Nanocyclix® technology platform, Oncodesign will identify and optimize novel compounds for targets of interest of Bristol-Myers Squibb. Macrocycles synthesized with Nanocyclix® technology are potent, selective and can be tweaked and modified to maximize effectiveness.

Oncodesign’s CSO Jan Hoflack is confident that its advanced pharmacology models will be of great use for their collaboration partner: “Nanocyclix has generated a broad diversity of entirely novel molecules that have unique properties and that seem to match well with the programs of interest to Bristol-Myers Squibb. We are honored that they have selected our technologies to advance on highly prioritized programs.”

In the course of 2015, Oncodesign grew with 170%, showing the best biotech performance on the French stock exchange. With the new Bristol-Myers Squibb collaboration, Oncodesign starts off the new year very auspicious.

Read more about Oncodesign and the Nanocyclix® technology platform in our interview with Jan Hoflack.

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