Bridge2Health: the new link in the Belgian biotech chain

June 2, 2016 News BioVox

The Belgian biotech network just got stronger with the new Walloon incentive Bridge2Health. Formerly known as sCINNAMIC, Bridge2Health (B2H) combines the expertise of the Liège University (ULg) and Liège University Hospital (CHU de Liège) and provides access to a broad platform of healthcare solutions.

“The ULg and CHU de Liège committed themselves to a joint strategy, investing heavily in patient-centered and high quality integrated care,” commented B2H CEO Benoit Palms. “The academic biomedical resources of both institutes are the corner stones of this ambitious initiative, and will now be fully leveraged to serving patients better and attracting international research and industrial partners.”

As the entry point of successful collaborations, B2H sets up partnerships with industry and academic centers worldwide. B2H’s assistance and services cover everything from preclinical to translational research in various medical fields, phase I clinical trials and medical device development.

Bridge2Health, welcome to the family!

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