Confo Therapeutics appoints Dr. Cedric Ververken as Chief Executive Officer

September 7, 2016 News Quality by Design - Business & Communications

From October 1st onwards, Confo Therapeutics will be led by their new CEO Dr. Cedric Ververken. Ververken joins Confo Therapeutics from Ablynx, where he most recently acted as Vice President Business Development, heading the company’s partnering activities around specific products and Nanobody drug discovery collaborations with top tier pharmaceutical companies. With the appointment of the new CEO, the company is aiming to transform Confo Therapeutics into a drug discovery and development company.

Confo Therapeutics is built around their proprietary CONFO® technology. By using so-called Confo bodies, G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) can be stabilized in their active signaling state. This reveals new druggable pockets on the receptors. Since GPCRs are involved in many biochemical processes and function as flexible on-off switches, they are attractive drug targets for a myriad of diseases.

“Using its breakthrough technology to go after currently undruggable GPCRs Confo Therapeutics is building a unique portfolio of first-in-class compounds addressing various unmet medical needs,“ says Dr. Ververken. “I very much look forward to working with the world-class team at Confo to further expand the company’s operations and support its continued growth.”

Find out all details, read the official press release

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