Do you need more lab space?

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Finding the right location for a Life Sciences company can be a big challenge. Moreover, a company might have special needs for its infrastructure. Many lab facilities are currently vacant, while start-ups and expanding companies are looking for suitable lab space. Intensive exchange of information is needed from the perspective of both supply and demand. Buying or constructing a building might be a tremendous cost, money you’d rather spend on R&D and business development. Renting can be the cheaper option.

LabForRent is an efficient online market place for laboratory spaces. The platform connects tenants and lessors through specific advertisement. For each laboratory accommodation, information is provided on the specifications, supporting facilities (ICT, air-conditioning, permits, etc.) and the availability (temporarily or for longer periods). Also, the site mentions whether the accommodation is located in a bio-incubator, on a science park or within a company. The site allows visitors to completely filter the offer based on their wishes. Potential tenants and lessors can easily contact each other and exchange information.

Innotek (Geel) is one of the first Belgian costumers of LabForRent. Eric Degroof, technology manager at Innotek commented: “Placing an advertisement on LabForRent was very convenient. The service is quick and affordable.”