Finnish biotech settles in Belgium

November 13, 2015 News BioVox

Belgium continues to attract the attention of life science companies worldwide. This time, it’s the High North that has taken interest in our unique biotech ecosystem. Ozics, a Finland-based biomedical enterprise, is opening its new branch in Belgium. By combining new polymers with ceramics or metals, Ozics has developed new biomaterials to fixate and reinforce bones. The Finnish company wants to apply these materials to improve treatment of osteoporosis, bone fractures and spinal trauma’s. Ozics’ first commercial product, Comp06™, is an injectable bone cement.

Next to their headquarters in Finland, Ozics already has opened offices in Switzerland and Italy, and has now opted for Belgium to accommodate its next expansion. Ozics will settle in the life science incubator associated with the Hasselt University, BioVille. The agreement further includes a collaboration between Hasselt University’s Biomed and its Finnish counterpart BioMediTech. Both Ozics and BioMediTech are located in Tampere, Finland, and have started a strong Finnish-Belgian research alliance.

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