FluidDA wins prestigious BelCham Award for the most promising company of the year in New York

September 29, 2015 News Quality by Design - Business & Communications

BELCHAM, the Belgian-American Chamber of Commerce in New York has awarded its annual series of prizes. The Antwerp lung specialist Fluidda was awarded as the most promising company of the year.

Fluidda came into the spotlight with his FRI technology for imaging the lungs. With this platform, the development of new drugs and therapies for a variety of pulmonary diseases, such as asthma, can be accelerated significantly. FRI also simplifies the diagnosis and monitoring of patients.

After Fluidda’s foundation in 2005, it rapidly expanded. The Kontich-based company set up several collaborations with academic research groups and international pharmaceutical companies and also opened branches in India and the US. In 2016, the company hopes to open its doors in Portugal and Japan.

BelCham (www.belcham.org) supports entrepreneurship and Belgian talent in the US and wants to strengthen the economic ties between the two countries. Annually, BelCham honors Belgian companies and persons with prices for ‘Company of the Year’, ‘most promising company of the year’ and ‘lifetime achievement’.

This short film shows the imaging of a lung using FRI, the delivery of an aerosol inhalation and various FLUIDDA offices worldwide.


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