Free support and subsidies available to develop talents within your company!

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Belgian life sciences companies are eligible for free training, subsidies for internal courses and consultancy cheques to pay an external HR-consultant. Co-valent, the training fund for the life sciences and chemistry industry supports companies in their management of training and competencies. And, no need to pay for it! It is already covered by the annual social security contribution.

What is available?

  • Free training, including both technical and general courses, such as social skills, leadership and IT.  
  • Subsidies for courses that you organise in your company with an internal or external trainer. 
  • Are you an SME and are you looking to start an HR project (e.g. competence management, career development, induction policy or evaluations)? Ask for your consultancy cheque to pay for an external HR consultant. 

Download the brochure and register today on the Co-valent website!