GSK sets foot in bioelectronics

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GSK and Verily, a company from the internet giant Alphabet, will invest 640 million in bioelectronics. With tiny implants, the size of a grain of rice, organs can be triggered, which could help to control diseases. Bioelectronics are the new hype in healthcare. It is a huge step forward that GSK, a company in the health sector, and Verily, a technological company, join hands. GSK and Verily work on treatments for diabetes, rheumatism and arthritis. Within ten years, there should be a treatment on the market. Other solutions, such as obesity and infertility, will be examined later. In Belgium, IMEC in Leuven also works on bioelectronics. It designed an electronic chip that can bridge the gap between biological tissue and brains. However it still is a prototype, the possibilities seem very exciting and endless!