Hep C drug also active against zika

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Scientists from KU Leuven have shown that the experimental antiviral drug 7DMA against hepatitis C slows down the development of the Zika virus in mice. The study, carried out by the Laboratory of Virology and Chemotherapy and led by Prof. Johan Neyts also disposes of a panel of experimental assays to identify inhibitors of the zika virus and an animal model to study zika- infection.
So far no vaccine or antiviral therapies are available for the prevention or treatment of zika infections, which can result in neurological and auto-immune complications in infants and adults.


Zmurko et al. The Viral Polymerase Inhibitor 7-Deaza-2’-C-Methyladenosine Is a Potent Inhibitor of In Vitro Zika Virus Replication and Delays Disease Progression in a Robust Mouse Infection Model. PLOS neglected tropical diseases (2016)