Inception of anaRIC biologics as Anacura and RIC combine R&D and GMP activities

February 16, 2017 News Quality by Design - Business & Communications

With the purpose of supporting customers throughout their entire biological drug development process, GMP specialist Anacura and the R&D-focused RIC have initiated a collaboration under the moniker ‘anaRIC biologics’.

anaRIC biologics is a contract research organization (CRO) specialized in the analysis of complex, biological compounds, such as antibodies, proteins and peptides. These innovative products differ drastically from classical, small molecules and require a different set of skills to analyze. With 15 years of GMP and 30 years of R&D experience, anaRIC biologics is able to support this rapidly growing market segment throughout the entire drug development process.

Koen Sandra, Scientific Director of the Research Institute for Chromatography (RIC): “Given their complexity and heterogeneity there is a clear need for analytical expertise in the domain of biological molecules. Different phases during development translate into different needs. By combining RIC’s flexible and innovative R&D with Anacura’s standardized and stable GMP environment we are able to create a highly complementary collaboration accentuating our strengths.”

Griet Nuytinck, Managing Director at Anacura: “Whether you are talking about product lead selection, manufacturing or analytical testing, choosing the right partner to bring your biological product to market is of strategic importance. Through our R&D/GMP partnership, anaRIC biologics becomes your reference CRO for analytics of biological molecules from discovery to marketing.”

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