Jackpot for TiGenix’ sepsis research

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The biotech company TiGenix gets financial support in his search for a cure for severe sepsis due to pneumonia. The European Commission granted the Leuven-based company and its partners an amount of 5.4 million euros.

TiGenix is currently working on Cx611, a suspension of stem cells derived from adipose tissue that should be applied intravenously as a treatment for sepsis with organ failure, caused by severe pneumonia.

Up to now, there is no adequate treatment for severe sepsis. Treatment is mainly symptomatically with anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics. TiGenix refers to the current treatment as ‘palliative and supportive care’.

For this project, TiGenix partners with different research institutes from different countries. The grant is intended to fund a Phase II clinical study on nearly 180 patients.

The European Commission provides the grant through its Horizon 2020 plan, which aims to stimulate innovation and research in Europe. The project of TiGenix is one of the few clinical projects in Europe that acquired funds in this way.