Johnson and Johnson most productive innovator for 4th consecutive year

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Every year, IDEA pharma presents its productive innovation index. The index ranks biopharmaceutical companies by their ability to bring innovations to the market. To give you an idea of what this practically means, ask yourself the following question: if you gave the same molecule in early phase to different companies, which one of them would make the best of it? Which companies succeed in bringing innovation all the way to the patients?

For the 4th year in a row, the answer according to IDEA pharma is Johnson and Johnson. Their successes in fields as various as oncology, immunology, neurosciences, cardiovascular/metabolism have made them the single most successful innovator in the current market.

Completing the top three are Takeda (2nd place) and Novo Nordisk (3rd place). Interestingly, these companies are extremely high risers, gaining 14 and 15 places, respectively, compared to the 2015 ranking.