“Give Life a Chance”: new research fund for neuroendocrine tumors

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The University of Hasselt, the Jessa Hospital and the East Limburg Hospital will conduct research on neuroendocrine tumors (NET), a rare and aggressive form of cancer, with help from “Give Life a Chance”. The research project is an initiative of NET patient Jan Van Manshoven. He founded “Give Life a Chance” to obtain funds for this research. The organization offered a symbolic check of 15.000 euros to the research institutes.

Every year, an average of 300 patients in Belgium are told that they are suffering from neuroendocrine tumors. This rare form of cancer grows rapidly and can result in metastases in the entire body. It was the wish of Jan Van Manshoven -who died from the disease in February 2015- to get more insight into these type of tumors. He founded “Give Life a Chance” to raise funds for scientific research. The research team -which consists of doctors-professors of the three partners- will focus initially on accelerating the diagnosis.