MiDiagnostics develops disposable chip for blood self-testing

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MiDiagnostics is a new startup that will make disposable chips to test your own blood and saliva. Only 15 minutes after the test, you will be able to read on your smartphone whether you have to take more vitamin D, if you have to lower your cholesterol or even if you suffer from ebola or cancer.

The chip will have the size of a USB flash drive and will cost 10 to 20 euros. It will analyze a blood sample within 15 minutes and send the results to the patient and to the attending physician. The new company has a starting capital of about 60 million euros, of which Marc Couke provided 29,5 million euros. MiDiagnostics combines the expertise of the nanotechnological Leuven-based Imec and the renowned American John Hopkins research institute.