More flexibility with self-dialysis

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In the UZ Ghent, three patients started training to perform their own dialysis. The idea of self-dialysis originates from Canada. An apartment with five dialysis machines was opened in the hospital early this year. People make an online reservation for a time slot, when it suits their schedule.  Self-dialysis is open seven days a week, around the clock. The flexibility is a great advantage for patients, but it is also medically better. Patients can visit more than three times a week and stay longer than four hours. The purer the blood, the better the survival.  More frequent dialysis in the hospital is financially and logistically not feasible. An additional advantage is that self-dialysis costs less for health insurance, because no additional doctors or nurses have to be involved. Currently three patients are in training to perform self-dialysis, but the number could rise to 25. By doing self-dialysis, the self-esteem of the patient is restored. The fact that they are no longer dependent on third parties reestablishes their self-respect. Self-dialysis is also possible at home.