New biotech incubator in Ghent

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Rudi Mariën, founder of former Innogenetics, and investor in multiple Flemish biotech companies and projects, is building a new business center which can house up to a dozen biotech startups “The demand for biotech business space is huge, not only in Ghent, but also in Leuven. All bio-incubators are full.”

Mariën has invested between 30 to 40 million in a new bio-incubator which has 13.000 m2 of space, located on the site where Innogenetics used to be in Ghent.  The building should be ready by the end of 2016, but will be inaugurated on May 20th,2015. Rudi Mariën: “I do not expect a big return, this is my way to do something extra for Flemish biotech. In comparison to financial participation, a building is something that lasts.” He focuses on startups that have existed for only a couple of years and that feel the need to expand.