New test to diagnose prostate cancer with urine sample

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MDxHealth (Herstal) announced today the launch of a new non-invasive, “liquid biopsy”, diagnostic test for prostate cancer using a urine sample. Initially, the test, named SelectMDx, is offered in the Netherlands. The test should become available in other European countries in 2016.

The test indicates elevated levels (3,0 – 10,0 ng/ml) of PSA, a biomarker for prostate cancer, in urine. The novel biomarker was found by Prof. Dr. Schalken and his team at the Department of Urology at Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands.

Clinical studies have shown that SelectMDx outperforms the existing PCA3 test to screen for prostate cancer. The most important provider of PCA3 tests, DDL Diagnostic Laboratory, decided to discontinue the processing of the PCA3 assay and closed a deal with MDxHealth to start the manufacturing of SelectMDx. MDxHealth expects that it will be the major provider of urine-based prostate cancer testing in the Netherlands.

Of the nearly 2 million prostate biopsies performed each year, less than a third find cancer. The use of SelectMDx provides accurate information based on a simple urine sample to urologists and allows reducing the amount of unnecessary invasive and painful biopsy procedures of the prostate.