Nominations open for Dr. Paul Janssen Award

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Have you ever heard from the Dr. Paul Janssen award? It’s an acknowledgement for biomedical research almost as important as a Nobel Prize. A trophy sculpture, along with $200,000 cash, will go to the most passionate and creative scientist or team, whose work has made the strongest impact on human health.

Who should receive the award? Nominate the most impressive scientist before February 28!
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Dedication to excellence

Dr. Paul was an exceptionally gifted and passionate scientist. He revolutionized modern medicine and inspired a new generation of researchers.
In 2004, Johnson & Johnson created the Dr. Paul Janssen Award for Biomedical Research to honor his legacy.

“What’s new?”

An inscription on the back of the award says ”What’s New?” – a nod to Dr. Paul’s daily question; a question that encouraged his colleagues to continuously seek new compounds that might lead to new medicines.
The trophy consists of two parts, each inspired by the life and work of Dr. Paul. The silver medallion fringed in gold and set at the base of the sculpture embodies Dr. Paul in the lab. The silver ball at the back represents scientific inspiration, while the glass wall depicts the unending frontier of science and medicine. At the intersection point, the scientific journey transforms into a fully realized and rounded idea of translational medicine.