Novosanis supplies urine collection device to MDxHealth

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Novosanis today announced that it signed an agreement with MDxHealth to supply UrNCollect™, a customized version of the Company’s patented urine collection device called Colli-Pee™. The medical device facilitates accurate sample collection for urine-based tests.

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The privately-owned medical device company, Novosanis, and MDxHealth SA (Euronext: MDXH.BR) signed a supply agreement for a customized version of Novosanis’ first void urine collection device, Colli-Pee™. The device allows for a standardized, hygienic and user-friendly collection of the first 20ml of the urine stream and reduces lab errors by automating preservative mixing without additional handling.

“We are happy to initiate a collaboration with MDxHealth. Our Colli-Pee device will allow easy collection of standardized first void urine with less handling and no traditional pipetting. Everybody gains when the sample collection process is simplified and streamlined.” said Dr. Vanessa Vankerckhoven, CEO and co-founder of Novosanis.

Dr. Jan Groen, CEO MDxHealth, commented: “MDxHealth is pleased with Novosanis’ development of UrNCollectTM for our SelectMDx for Prostate Cancer IVD kit that will launch later this year. We expect the device to be more comfortable for patients and contribute to the test’s accuracy.”