Ovizio Imaging Systems announces iLine F and BioConnect supply agreements with Celgene Corporation

October 22, 2019 News Quality by Design - Business & Communications

Ovizio Imaging Systems

Brussels, Belgium 22/10/2019 – Ovizio Imaging Systems, a company providing an innovative microscopic imaging technology to the bioprocessing market, today announces the execution of supply agreements with Celgene Corporation for the automation of certain engineered T cell manufacturing processes.

Celgene will be using Ovizio’s innovative on-line iLine F microscope, and the BioConnect system, a closed, single-use fluidic sampling system, to further automate the manufacturing of engineered T-cell investigational products and improve product control across their global manufacturing network. These agreements follow a technology development cooperative effort initiated in 2018.

Emilie Viey, CEO of Ovizio Imaging Systems: “We are proud to support Celgene’s efforts in cell therapy, developing innovative programs for patients in areas of high unmet need. As a supportive technology partner, we are excited for the opportunities ahead as we continue our work with Celgene, seamlessly integrating Ovizio’s innovative microscopy solution into their engineered T-cell products manufacturing process.”

About Ovizio Imaging Systems
Ovizio Imaging Systems, founded in 2009, develops and commercializes a quantitative microscopic imaging platform technology based on patented Differential Digital Holographic Microscopy (DDHM). Ovizio is establishing its footprint in the Bioprocessing market, with a focus on Cell and Gene Therapy and Vaccine production.

About the iLine F microscope
The iLine F microscope uses Ovizio’s proprietary technology, a unique Holograms-based method, for on-line, non-invasive, and label-free suspension cell counting and classification. Combined with a bioreactor, it continuously tracks objects in real-time and, at a single cell level; with high accuracy and enables automation of current manual processes.

About the Bioconnect Single Use System
The BioConnect is a single-use disposable and autoclavable closed loop fluidics system, which is specifically designed with a cell-friendly membrane pump working like a heart. Thanks to an automatic and continuously flushing, cells flow through the imaging device and flow back to the bioreactor after holograms of the cells have been captured.

Media Contact
Emilie Viey, PhD
CEO of Ovizio Imaging Systems

Rue du Bourdon 100/2
1180 Brussels, BELGIUM
T +32 2 600 50 94

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