Scientific partnership between Ghent University, UZ Ghent and Janssen Pharmaceutica

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Ghent University, UZ Ghent and Janssen Pharmaceutica will work more closely together in the future in the areas of innovative scientific and clinical research. The three parties want to tackle societal and economic challenges with their synergy and hope to bring medical innovations faster to patients.

The partnership will focus on six areas:

• the microbiome: how do microorganisms influence the health of our body?
• big data: molecular analysis techniques are becoming more efficient, but how do we interpret the plethora of data?
• immunology: our immune system plays an important role in frequently occurring diseases such as arthritis or asthma. However, the exact cause is still unclear.
• bioorganic chemistry: how can we make processes more efficient, sustainable and innovative?
• adaptive clinical trials and biobanking: looking for smarter and more efficient ways to test drugs on tissue or people, to bring new medications more quickly to patient
• sustainable and continuous production systems: development of new production technologies for an even higher quality of medicines, and more efficient production.

Belgium has a unique position in the world of life sciences and biotechnology, due to its excellent universities and hospitals and due to successful cross-sectoral initiatives. This partnership will reinforce this position even more. They want to exchange knowledge and expertise and encourage scientific talent under the motto “inventing the medicine of tomorrow.”