SciMingo SciComm Academy launches spring program of workshops and lectures

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SciComm Academy banner

The next couple of months, researchers can take part in science communication workshops organized by SciMingo, such as popular science writing, infographics, and video & pitching. And anyone who is interested can tune in to some free online lectures with international science communication wizards.

In 2021, SciComm Academy was born. Researchers of diverse Flemish scientific institutions took part in science communication trainings to learn how to reach out to the greater public. Since this was a great success, SciMingo now launches a new edition, with partners Eos Magazine and Young Academy, amongst others.

This spring, you can take part in workshops popular science writing, infographics, and video & pitching. Professionals will introduce you to the medium of your choice, and guide you towards a finished end product that might be published by our media partners. You can find the full program and register here.

SciMingo aims to increase trust and interest in science in the general public, by helping researchers to reach out. Read all about SciMingo’s mission in this article!

Too busy for a workshop? To fully invest in our mission, we also offer free online lectures in which experienced science communicators show you some tips & tricks. First up are Esther De Smet, who teaches researchers to get the most out of social media, Kasha Patel (Washington post), who sells serious science with comedy, and science journalist Siri Carpenter, who finds the right angle to convince any journalist of your research. Discover the other speakers on: