Soldier flies for waste treatment

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In 2012, Johan Jacobs quit his job as a diplomat to start a green waste management company named Millibeter. He ecologically treats biological waste by culturing soldier flies on it. The flies convert the waste into biomass. Millibeter now only handles 150 kg of waste a day, but if Jacobs manages to industrially scale-up the process, he will be a pioneer in the field.

The technology is experimental but has the potential to completely change waste treatment. Culturing insects on waste streams avoids any form of loss: the waste is decomposed and the cultured insects can be used in animal feed and chemicals.

Millibeter is not yet commercially active, but a pilot project with a well-known supermarket is going on. Millibeter has cash unitl next year, a mix of grant and savings. The company is looking for investors to make the leap to semi-industrial scale. Jacobs hopes to process 40 tons of waste per day with insects early in 2016.
(Source: De Tijd)