Take your own venture and make it a business case

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The Executive Master of Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Life Sciences & Health (MBI Life Sciences and Health) is a unique ‘hands-on’ MBA program to accelerate life sciences ventures or businesses. The course addresses start-up/growth companies in life sciences, keen to boost their entrepreneurial business. The participants will work on their own venture as the business cases and not generic examples used in regular business schools. Moreover, the course is adapted to the specific needs of the life sciences and healthcare industry unlike any other MBA program. The team of coaches experienced in life sciences will help the new company owners to bring their business to the next level. MBI Life Sciences & Health will start at the beginning of the next academic year in Flanders offering a world-class educational program thanks to the contribution of VIB, FlandersBio and Vlerick Business School. The courses will take place both in Belgium (50%) and the Netherlands (50%) in collaboration with UMC Utrecht, Utrecht University, Maastricht UMC, Radboud UMC, MIRA and Health Valley. The candidates are currently being preselected.