Tech Lane Ghent

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“Tech Lane Ghent” is the new joint name for the future business park on “Eiland Zwijnaarde” and “Technology Park Ardoyen”. The launch is the result of a collaboration between Waterwegen en Zeekanaal NV and NV Eiland Zwijnaardeafter signing an alliance with Ghent University and VIB (Flanders Institute for Biotechnology).

Tech Lane Ghent Science Park + Tech Lane Ghent Logistics = Tech Lane Ghent

Tech Lane Ghent comprises a science park and a logistics area. Tech Lane Ghent Science Park is positioned on 35 acres in “Eiland Zwijnaarde” and 52 acres in “Technology Park Ardoyen”, currently housing about 60 R&D companies that employ 1700 people. It forms a future-oriented community of R&D and companies with expertise in the fields of life sciences, ICT, material engineering and logistics. Tech Lane Ghent Logistics stretches from the Ringvaart to the area alongside the Scheldekanaal. This site will focus on water-based, smart and innovative logistics. 

Tech Lane Ghent is positioned on the southern outskirts of Ghent as an economic metropolitan area with technology related functions. It provides facilities for research and development that highly value sustainability. Tech Lane Ghent encourages multidisciplinary cooperation between R&D companies and knowledge centers, while guaranteeing the availability of sustainable logistics.