ThromboGenics and VIB found oncology company

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Oncurious is a new oncology company that will perform clinical trials for the development of TB-403. This compound is a new promising agent for the treatment of brain tumors in children. Alongside ThromboGenics, VIB (Flemish Institute for Biotechnology) will be a shareholder.

Medulloblastoma is a rare, but life-threatening, brain tumor that  occurs mostly in children. In this type of cancer, PLGF (placental growth factor) is (over-)expressed. TB-403 is a monoclonal antibody directed against PLGF. Animal studies were promising and the safety profile is favorable. TB-403 also has  potential as a treatment for other pediatric tumours. Johan Cardoen, executive at VIB, hopes to make Oncurious into a leading oncology company. 

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