Undizzy you by crowdfunding “Dizzy Me”

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Tania Stadsbader, a patient who suffered more than 10 years from dizziness, and Floris Wuyts, professor in Physics at UA, head of AUREA (Antwerps Universitair Researchcentrum voor Evenwicht) and Aerospace at UZA, together wrote the book “Dizzy me. Licht op evenwicht”. The book explains the difference between 12 pathologies of dizziness to doctors and patients, how to recognize them and how to make a correct diagnosis. This leads to the right treatment. The unique cooperation between a patient and a professor led to the publication of an original scientific work, however for the moment it is only available in Dutch.

Therefore, the duo started a crowdfunding campaign to raise the necessary funds to translate this book into English. They want to share it with the world.
The campaign still runs for five days, and you can contribute here:


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Also, have a look at the research activities of Prof. Wuyts in this video. He compared brain scans from astronauts before and after their space journey.