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November 21, 2023 News Quality by Design - Business & Communications

Brussels, Belgium, 21 November 2023. ­The ´Science for health´ congress gathers local and global experts in Brussels on November 28 to discuss how to adapt healthcare to current challenges, combining cutting-edge technology with biology and place Belgium at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

Inspiring innovations are happening at the interface of biology and technology. Areas such as biopharmaceutical engineering/manufacturing, digital technology, and nanotechnology are transforming the way we look at healthcare. “The aim of all our research is bringing technology closer in line with the way our body actually works,” said Prof. Jan Rabaey, keynote speaker at Science for health 2023. “I think this will be a joint journey: a convergence between biology and technology, between people and machines.” Uniting these two realms is necessary to continue providing the highest quality of care as the world evolves.

Belgium’s ecosystem represents a vibrant life sciences and technology landscape of companies and research institutes actively generating and translating innovative ideas into tangible outcomes. For Science for health 2023, MEDVIA and BioWin unite to bring insights and experience from this ecosystem to collaboratively tackle key challenges on the road to success. “BioWin and MEDVIA are both clusters dedicated to promoting health innovation, and collaboration is in our DNA,” says Sylvie Ponchaut, Managing Director of BioWin. “Tapping into each other’s strengths is indeed key to creating products with true patient impact.” adds Ann Van Gysel, CEO of MEDVIA. During the event, expert speakers will present key insights and ideas exploring topics such as: innovative treatment and prevention platforms, and innovations in biopharmaceutical engineering.

As staying at the forefront of the evolution is crucial for Belgium to remain a key player in innovative healthcare and biopharma globally, a joint strategy for optimal creation and implementation of future innovation needs to be created. A round table discussion will explore vital steps and strategies for establishing Belgium as a prominent region. Experts will address cutting edge technologies such as ATMPs, digital health, and radiotherapy, drawing on both local and international experiences. A particular focus will be placed on the significance of collaborative efforts for success as audience participation will form the discussion.

This year, the event’s co-organizers have succeeded in bringing the leaders in biology-oriented technology innovations to Belgium. This will provide fertile grounds to grow ideas and strategies that can speed up Belgium’s journey to global leadership in modern healthcare innovation.

Participation in Science for health is free for journalists with a press card. Please contact us by email to register. We will organize interviews with the speakers – contact for more information.

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Science for health takes place on-site in Brussels (Square conference center) on November 28, 2023. The full program can be found at:

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