DoseVue obtains CE Mark for its first in-vivo dosimetry product for radiation therapy

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Diepenbeek, Belgium - January 28, 2021 - DoseVue NV, a privately held medical device company developing in-vivo dosimetry solutions for radiation therapy, today announces the CE marking of its first product: the DoseWire™ Series 200.

In oncology, radiation therapy is used to eliminate or shrink tumors by delivering a specific dose of ionizing radiation to the cancerous cells. Applying the correct radiation dose is vital: too much radiation can cause damage to surrounding healthy tissues, whereas too low a dose may fail to kill the malignant cells. For that reason, improved in-vivo dosimetry solutions are key to enhancing the clinical efficacy of radiation therapy and ensuring better patient outcomes.

DoseVue’s unique technology uses fiber optic filaments coated in a light-emitting material that fluoresces when exposed to radiation. This allows for the real-time, accurate measurement of the actual dose delivered during radiation oncology procedures. The compact sensors of the DoseWire™ Series 200 can be easily positioned at up to four locations during procedures, applied on patient’s skin or introduced in natural and/or surgical cavities. CE marked as a medical device, the DoseWire™ Series 200 can be used for a range of applications, including brachytherapy and intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT).

Nicolas Geûens, CEO of DoseVue: “We are thrilled to have obtained a CE mark for the DoseWire, our first in-vivo dosimetry solution. This news is a major achievement for the company and will allow healthcare professionals to use our product to help improve care from radiation therapy. Getting to this point has required an intense collaborative effort from the DoseVue team and our partners in medical physics and the industry. The CE mark is a significant milestone which paves the way for a commercial roll-out in 2021 that will focus on the European market.

Dr. Dirk Verellen, Head of Medical Physics at Iridium Cancer Network and Professor at the University of Antwerp: “Real-time in-vivo dosimetry solutions are critically needed in a range of radiotherapeutic applications, where radiation doses are currently pre-calculated but difficult to measure during the procedures themselves. A typical example is IORT, where a boost dose of radiation is delivered to the tumor site immediately after surgery when the tumor is removed. The main challenge in this complex procedure is accurate assessment of the dose actually deposited in the tumor site. DoseWire is a flexible device that is easy to use and readily integrated into the clinical workflow. This innovative device fills a long unmet need in radiation therapy and will improve the quality of cancer treatments.”

About DoseVue

DoseVue NV is a privately held medical device company developing in-vivo dosimetry solutions for radiation therapy. The company was founded as the first spin-off of the Belgian Nuclear Research Center (SCK•CEN), an internationally renowned player in the field of radiation protection and dosimetry research. DoseVue’s first CE-marked product, the DoseWire™ Series 200, is a real-time in-vivo dosimetry device that aims to improve safety in a range of applications and so to enhance the clinical efficacy of radiation therapy.