New in Belgium: a state-of-the-art integrated care cancer center

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The University Hospital Center in Liège is expanding. The new comprehensive cancer center will be ready in 2018. The center focuses on high quality integrated care, and a large part of the building will be dedicated to outpatients in consultation and day-care without overnight hospitalization. The center will offer multidisciplinary care, focused on the overall wellbeing of the patient.

The University Hospital Center (CHU) in Liège is developing a comprehensive Cancer Institute, aiming to become the leading cancer center in Wallonia and one of the major players in Belgium. The Cancer Institute includes all activities and services to diagnose, treat and help cancer patients. One of the key points is the focus on out-patient care, an important corner-stone of the CHU strategy to focus on the needs of the patients. The Integrated Cancer Center (CIO) will open in 2018.

The 7-floor building will allow for 40.000 consultations a year and includes a wellness facility for patients, centralizes all the laboratories that analyze patient samples, and dedicates several floors to cancer care. The facilities for cancer patients will include: radiotherapy, radiology and nuclear medicine, a day care clinic, clinical research and coordination and offices for all personnel, including psychologists and social care. Through the creation of a Clinical Trial Center, the CHU is committed to increase patient participation in clinical trials and further develop academic clinical research. The clinical trial center will facilitate the administrative and legal aspects of the trials, coordinating with the different departments. The cell therapy lab of Professor Yves Beguin will move to the new facilities and a new centralized biobank will be set up, regrouping all of the biobanking activities of the CHU, and building a unique collection for the hospital that will be standardized and connected to the European networks.

The center is aiming to offer the best possible service to the patient, putting patient care first. This will include multidisciplinary consultations offering patients a full evaluation, whenever possible, in just one day.

Facts & Figures

  • 80.000.000 euro investment for the building (over a 10 year period)
  • 40.000.000 euro investment for equipment (over a 10 year period)
  • 7 floors, 23.000 sq m
  • no overnight hospitalization
  • 2.300 new cancers / year
  • 9.000 PET-CT / year
  • 2.600 radiotherapy treatments / year (multisite)
  • 31.000 chemotherapy preparations / year