One year of BioVox! How did we do?

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In May 2015, BioVox went live. During this first year, we created over 100 original articles covering the Belgian healthcare scene, agriculture and the bio-based industry. We tackled fundamental academic research, industry trends, business insights, finance, HR, policy and politics. We covered global hot topics and  didn’t shy away from items with an international focus. By the way, the “Belgian Scientist Living Abroad” column  is my favorite!

Thank you so much for all the positive feedback! We appreciate your support and your genuine interest in our articles. Google Analytics doesn’t lie — we are one of the best-performing biotechnology newsletters out there ! Thanks to you!

BioVox provides relevant information about the Belgian biotech space  in a concise and digestible format. The hook is appealing, as it focuses on projects and people. A very nice new initiative.” – Johan Heylen, Chief Commercial Officer, Ablynx

What makes BioVox stand out?
  • We have focus (on life sciences)
  • We know what we are talking about (editors have a PhD or MSc in life sciences)
  • We dig a little deeper and provide insight
  • We are objective (if not, let us know)
  • We have an open and transparent revenue model (see further down)
  • We love what we are doing!
  • It’s free!
And, what do you like about BioVox ?

The most popular articles (most read by our readers) are about money (what else is new?). International subjects also catch your eye,  as well as stories on disease areas that generally receive less attention, such as ALS and Crohn’s disease.

Congratulations with this initiative! This kind of in-depth analyses from companies and their field of activity is very important for the Belgian biotech sector!” – Rudi Pauwels, CEO, Biocartis

Top 10 most popular articles:

  1. How (not) to invest in biotech
  2. From Belgium to NYC and starting a “super sniffer” company
  3. Why Bernard Coulie left Belgium for the US 
  4. Simulate your trials and save time and money!
  5. ALS, a fierce diagnosis 
  6. Faeces transplant as treatment for Crohn’s disease
  7. The year of Biocartis
  8. Belgium’s investment market amongst the best in Europe
  9. ActoBiotics®: Bacteria make your medicine
  10. New money for life sciences startups!

BioVox is an easy and efficient way to stay tuned to the exciting research going on in Belgium.” – Jean-Francois Collet, Professor at the de Duve Institute

How do we select the BioVox topics?

First of all, everyone can suggest topics. Try it! The BioVox science editors also receive press releases and monitor a broad range of research areas and innovations. At the weekly BioVox editorial meeting, we discuss all the different leads, carefully selected based on novelty, originality and relevance to the life sciences community. We make sure to cover a broad range of subjects, balancing interviews with academic researchers and industry executives.

What is the BioVox business model?

It’s quite simple, really. We ask companies to pay for the publication and distribution of an article. We only feature relevant topics, and as soon as it is approved for publication, the company pays a fixed fee. It’s like paying to get a peer-reviewed research article published (but a lottttttt less! ).

This is called native advertising, and it allows you to read all that information for free! With strategic and financial support from different partners — including the major universities and research institutes in Belgium — we can ensure broad and objective coverage of the life sciences sector.

Based on the interview, the BioVox editors drafted a high-quality text promoting our activities to our target audience.” – Bernard Majoie, Founder and President, The Fournier-Majoie Foundation

Content rules!

Instead of investing in traditional advertising and irritating banners, BioVox focuses on content. Companies are offered the opportunity to create visibility for their innovations — but only if they have something relevant to share, in a neutral tone, compatible with BioVox’s “free” editorial articles. We only feature news and innovations that are truly informative and enjoyable to read. Studies show that you are fully aware that native advertising is an essential part of being able to provide free content (1,2)!

The article drafted by the BioVox editors described our research, and the context of it, very accurately. It was an excellent collaboration. We will definitely keep BioVox posted on how our work evolves.” – Dominique Van Der Straeten, Professor and Research Director at Ghent University

We rely on native advertising to share in-depth informative content online for free; while benefiting our partners, it doesn’t hamper your experience!

Not only informing, but also connecting people

In addition to its goal of informing people, BioVox aims to connect professionals with each other. Often the expertise to solve your problem exists, but you don’t know where to find it. We were delighted to learn that Lieven Nuyttens, the CEO of FLUIDDA, INC., got connected with Pliant Therapeutics and its new CEO Bernard Coulie after reading BioVox!

The interview with Bernard Coulie has put the California-based company Pliant Therapeutics on our radar. We are looking to start a collaboration.” – Lieven Nuyttens, CEO, FLUIDDA, INC.

Complex technologies need well-documented reports

We also like to dig a little deeper. The first BioVox white paper — an in-depth, extensive report on in vitro diagnostics featuring the expertise of key opinion leaders — was a great success. It has already been downloaded over 1,250 times. Click here if you haven’t read it yet! The next white paper will focus on immunotherapy and will be released in early 2017.

Thanks for the efficient cooperation!” – Didier Argentin, CEO, SynAbs

We will continue to create high-quality articles about life sciences and grow BioVox to be the international reference for life sciences news. We thank you for your support and trust you will continue to read, share and support us!

The article was really well written and summarizes our work very nicely.”  – Michael Herfs, Postdoctoral Fellow, GiGa (ULG)

(1) Native advertising 
(2) Getting in feed sponsored content right