How do we reduce the high cost of clinical trials?

Drug development is an exorbitantly expensive endeavor. A large expense factor for developing a new therapy is the high cost of conducting clinical trials. Why are clinical trials so insanely expensive to run? And what can be done to increase the affordability of these trials?
When it comes to food, our key sources of nutrition haven’t changed much in the last ten thousand years. Though hyped-up food trends and diets come and go, our ancestors established the status quo for our primary protein sources a long time ago: animal products, like dairy, eggs and meat, have been the staples ever since we switched from hunters to farmers. However, with rising global populations driving sky-high demand for animal products, is it time for another food revolution?
Companies with a good gender balance consistently outperform those with only men in their management teams. Yet despite this, start-ups with female founders and management team members are consistently underfunded compared to all male companies. Could it be that the gender gap in funding has its roots in the gender disparity in the financing firms themselves?
15 November 2018, Ghent (Belgium) - V-Bio Ventures leads Camel-IDS EUR 37m Series A financing to develop cancer targeted radiopharmaceuticals
Ghent (Belgium), September 18th, 2018 - The Belgian life sciences venture fund V-Bio Ventures ( today announces that it joins the “Series B” financing round of Horama ( Horama is a French biotech company based in Paris and Nantes, which specialises in gene therapy for the treatment of rare genetic diseases in ophthalmology.  Willem Broekaert, Managing Partner at V-Bio Ventures, will be appointed to the Horama Board.