Data science: empowering animal-free progress in preclinical development

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Many drugs fail clinical trials, often because preclinical animal models fall short of replicating human physiology. To improve animal welfare, speed up drug development, and reduce costs, we need to rely less on animal models, while also minimizing the number of failures early in the drug development process. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are powerful […]

Data science – taking clinical drug development to the next level

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Clinical drug development is a challenging endeavor, but help is at hand! From trial site selection, to patient recruitment, to endpoint characterization – data science integration can help to overcome bottlenecks and improve efficiency in clinical development by generating unique insights to help guide study design and operations. For this strategy to be used to […]

Data science in early drug discovery – getting it right from the start

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The application of data science in the early stages of drug development is not new – progress in algorithms and computing power has been ongoing for years. We have reached the point where we have to reflect on the road travelled and look forward to upcoming opportunities and challenges. To further pave the way and […]

Belgian stakeholders unite to strive for data science integration in healthcare

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Data science is booming, including in the healthcare sector. However, in order to extract insights and benefits from our health data, we first have to build a solid system for structural data processing and management. To frame the needs for healthcare data reuse in Belgium, Inovigate has united stakeholders and summarized their recommendations in two […]

VIB: a new focus on data science with Christine Durinx at the helm

Christine Durinx shaking hands with Minister Hilde Crevits

Christine Durinx has been appointed as the new co-Managing Director of the world-class life sciences research institute VIB. Taking over from Jo Bury, Durinx joins VIB’s other co-Managing Director Jérôme Van Biervliet in ushering in a new era of discoveries increasingly driven by data science. By Amy LeBlanc Can you tell me a bit about […]

Belgium has all the ingredients to be a top country for data science in health – but we have to act now!

– Science for health will connect decisionmakers with researchers, clinicians, and company leaders on the topic of data science in healthcare – The event is organized by in collaboration with strategic partners KU Leuven, UGent, VIB, imec, BioWin, Janssen Pharmaceutica, and media partner BioVox – This year, Science for health will take place on 19 November 2021 at […]

Why keeping up with data science matters for our health

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Data without science is nothing; just 1s and 0s, floating around a cloud waiting for someone to make sense of them. Data science is the process of extracting value from data, using advanced analytics tools. Enormous amounts of health information are being gathered every second, and we are rapidly getting better at decoding it: turning […]

4th Global Pharma R&D AI, Data Science and Informatics Summit

This Summit is designed to create a collaborative environment in which attendees engaged with the speakers, sponsors and other delegates in attendance. The meeting agenda has expanded to include: AI for genomics, single-cell analysis and target validation. AI for predicting patient response. AI impacting clinical trials. AI for imaging. AI for cancer immunotherapy and neurodegenerative […]

Fraud in scientific institutes: a crack in the fabric of science

The pursuit of scientific knowledge is at the heart of human progress – it leads to ground-breaking discoveries that have transformed our understanding of the world and our place within it. However, this noble pursuit is not without its blemishes. Scientific fraud – the deliberate misrepresentation of data or results to deceive the scientific community – poses a serious threat to the integrity of the scientific enterprise in both academia and industry. So, what can we do about it?

Optimizing the patient care pathway through data-driven insights

The patient’s journey in a healthcare setting is influenced by factors beyond the mere medical aspects of the case. Local variations in care procedures among hospitals and caregivers enable benchmarking and adaptation of practices to optimize outcomes. For effective process modeling, it’s essential to collect data and extract insights. To optimize this process efficiently, collaborative efforts should explore alternative data sources and implement novel tools.

Smart cities as living laboratories: a data-driven strategy for creating a sustainable future

Similar to the growing use of large-scale scientific data to guide laboratory research, urban data presents significant potential for informed decision-making in city governance. Extensive data on waste collection, traffic, pollution, and various other facets of city management can be collected and analyzed to help policymakers identify challenges and develop prediction-based solutions. Thomas Van Oppens, Deputy Mayor of Leuven, underscores the importance of local collaboration in establishing such a data-driven growth model for city governance.

Pioneering Belgian project ATHENA paves the way for Real-World Data reuse in research and personalized care

Project Athena

ATHENA, a VLAIO-funded multi-stakeholder project, clears the path for increased reuse of Real-World Data in scientific research and healthcare, by introducing innovative solutions and responding to current technical and governance challenges. The project has made significant strides in the field of oncology by developing groundbreaking privacy-preserving machine learning techniques for predictive analytics. The project findings will be presented and discussed at the ATHENA symposium on November 23rd, 2023.

ATHENA symposium: Data driven Innovation in Personalized Medicine and Care

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ATHENA (Augmenting Therapeutic Effectiveness through Novel Analytics) is hosting a symposium on 23 November to communicate the significant strides it is making in the field of oncology by harnessing groundbreaking machine-learning techniques for predictive analytics that respect privacy. About ATHENA Treatment of cancer is currently insufficient, inappropriate and comes with debilitating side-effects for many patients. […]

V-Bio Ventures portfolio company Orionis Biosciences announces collaboration with Genentech to discover and develop molecular glue class medicines

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September 20, 2023, BOSTON, MA and GHENT, Belgium – Orionis Biosciences, a privately held life sciences company with an integrated drug discovery and chemical biology platform, announced today a multi-year collaboration with Genentech, a member of the Roche Group, to discover novel small molecule medicines for challenging targets in major disease areas, including oncology and neurodegeneration. Orionis will receive an upfront payment of $47 million, as well as future milestone-related payments. Orionis will leverage its Allo-GlueTM platform for discovery of small molecule monovalent glues.