Managing the hype cycle of innovative medical device development

As a CDMO in the life science industry, Unitron has a focus on the development and manufacturing of “electronics-inside” medical devices and the associated regulatory trajectory. The journey from innovative ideas to successful products are often bumpy and filled with challenges. Having a good understanding of this process and managing it well will boost your chances of success.

Belgian breakthrough in endometriosis research captures investors’ attention

Professor Hugo Vankelecom

Even though endometriosis impacts millions of women globally, the condition remains poorly understood and researched, leading to delayed diagnosis and lack of effective treatment. Encouragingly, there are promising recent developments in the field coming from Belgium. Professor Hugo Vankelecom’s research group at KU Leuven uses advanced cellular models, known as organoids, to delve into the disease and expedite the drug discovery process. The Danish BioInnovation Institute now offers the team an incubation program to pave the way towards industrial success.

The rise of women’s health

Three women hugging

It’s been a Barbie world this summer with crowds of pink-clad moviegoers flooding the cinemas. Simultaneously, we’ve been witnessing a rush of ‘pink’ fundraising for women’s health start-ups. From pre-clinical to clinical: more companies are entering the field and developing solutions for women’s unique needs. But is their focus broad and innovative enough? And are pharma companies paying attention? state-of-the-art omics solutions provides innovative omics solutions using state-of-the-art sequencing and mass spectrometry platforms. Specializing in expression analysis (RNA-seq and RIBO-seq) and epigenetic profiling, as well as companion diagnostics, the company uses second- and third-generation sequencing technology to enable scientific insights and build assays for better drug and therapy development. With both a wet lab and dry lab in house, offers a full-circle service to biotech and pharma partners.

Marfan patients team up with researchers to catch their silent killer

Doctor holding patient's hands

The world’s undiagnosed Marfan patients often go through life unaware of the hidden killer lurking in their DNA – a gene variant which may lead to sudden death at any moment via an aortic dissection. Currently, there is no therapy available to counteract this disastrous aortic event, so patient awareness of their condition is key to prevention. To learn more about Marfan syndrome and improve diagnosis, our project needs patients to enroll online in our research cohort. In this way, patients can themselves help us contribute to new therapies and averting sudden deaths.

Picking up early signals: SPINOVIT to prevent cardiovascular diseases with new monitoring method

Nancy Van Overstraeten

Preventing cardiovascular diseases before the first symptoms arise? That’s the ambition of SPINOVIT – a Louvain-La-Neuve company using a new biomarker and innovative technology to achieve its goal. A large clinical trial should be finished in 2023, after which the young company’s product will be launched on the market. In the long term, SPINOVIT’s solution could become part of people’s annual blood check-ups.

Indigo develops device to make light work of diabetes management

Danaë Delbeke

Ghent-based Indigo aims to make a huge difference to the quality of life of people with diabetes. The company is developing a device to render the monitoring of blood sugar levels painless and invisible, a major improvement compared to the tools available today. The innovative technology is based on spectroscopy – using light to measure glucose levels through the skin.

miDiagnostics launches its CE-IVD certified ultra-fast COVID-19 PCR test

miDiagnostics covid reader with black test card - BioVox

Leuven, Belgium, 2 May 2022 – miDiagnostics, a fast-growing POC diagnostics company announces the launch of its CE-IVD certified ultra-fast COVID-19 PCR test. The test is now available for use across Europe and other countries that accept CE-IVD marking, providing a powerful pandemic and endemic management tool in industries where fast and reliable decentralized testing is crucial. […]

IBA and SCK CEN partnership to produce rare radioisotope for cancer treatments

Researchers imaging a tumor

The radioisotope Actinium-225 shows clear promise in the battle against cancer, but to fulfil its potential we will need to enable large-scale production of the rare substance. A collaboration between IBA – the world’s leading company in particle accelerator technology – and the Belgian Nuclear Research Center (SCK CEN) now makes this crucial step possible. The partners are constructing a production plant on the SCK CEN site in the Flemish city of Mol.

miDiagnostics welcomes Nicolas De Clercq as its new Chief Financial Officer

Leuven, Belgium, 30 March 2022 – miDiagnostics, a fast-growing POC diagnostics company backed by Belgian Family Offices, announces today that Nicolas De Clercq, a seasoned financial executive, will join its leadership team as Chief Financial Officer on 1 June 2022. Nicolas De Clercq brings over 25 years of business experience, joining miDiagnostics from Kinepolis Group, where he […]

miDiagnostics ultra-fast COVID-19 PCR Test succeeds in Brussels Airport pilot study

Leuven, Belgium, 17 February 2022 – miDiagnostics, a fast-growing POC diagnostics company backed by Belgian Family Offices, announces the success of the Brussels Airport pilot study for its ultra-fast COVID-19 PCR Test. This test is the first of many applications for miDiagnostics’ disruptive technology, licensed from imec (Leuven, Belgium) and developed in close collaboration with Johns Hopkins […]

Saving kidneys with a test that improves early detection of transplant rejection

Hands holding picture of kidneys

Long COVID is a less talked-about aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic, yet its impact on society is already profound. Although this problem is still largely flying under the radar of the life sciences industry, a couple of first movers have already initiated clinical programs to address the condition. If more companies move into this space, long COVID may prove a catalyst for R&D in other related and underserved indications, like chronic fatigue syndrome.

Proteomics PharmaFluidics Launches Next Generation µPAC™ Technology for Routine Proteomics

Microfluidic chips for use in high-resolution nanoLC/MS workflows

Ghent, Belgium, 27 April 2021 – PharmaFluidics NV, innovative life sciences instruments player, is excited to announce a step change in its product offering, extending the range with its next generation µPAC™ nano-LC chips, preferred workhorses for routine proteomics. The news was revealed at a broadly attended user-community meeting held on Friday, April 23rd.

Saving man’s best friend: Volition blood test allows cheap and easy cancer screenings for dogs

Happy dog

A Belgian invention is revolutionizing cancer diagnostics for dogs by making it possible to screen for two common canine cancers with a simple, low-cost blood test. The innovation was developed by the Belgian subsidiary of Volition, a multinational company listed on the New York stock exchange. The company is also developing human blood tests for use in oncology as well as a number of other diseases including COVID-19.